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Just Saw The Harry Potter Film

And I loved it. Maybe my favorite along with the film adaptation of The Prisoner of Azkaban directed by Alfonso Cuarón--although the only one to make me cry was the film of Goblet of Fire--the reaction of Cedric's father when he finds out his son is dead did me in.

So, below some random reactions under a cut--just in case anyone would construe them as spoilers. Although we all know the plot by now, don't we? But the movieverse often does feel like an alternate universe, doesn't it?

1) Watching Snape (aka Alan Rickman). Just how much does it suck to be Severus Snape? Yes, I know Tom Riddle and Harry Potter had it bad as young orphans, Remus suffered from lycanthropy and Sirius all those years in prison, but man, somehow to me Snape had it the worst. The opening diverged from the book--at least that I can remember--Charity Burbage not just saying, "Severus, please" but calling him a friend. In that scene I just couldn't help but think of both Lily and Dumbledore crossing Snape's mind.

2) Watching Draco (aka Tom Felton). To me, at least, the expressions on his face said, "I am not enjoying this--I'm not a Death Eater at heart--please keep Auntie away from me..." *huggles poor Draco*

3) Watching Luna (aka Evanna Lynch). How awesome is she? Two little scenes, not more than five lines, and my heart breaks for her--and I couldn't help but feel, God, she's wonderful with Harry--especially comforting him after Dobby's death. Loads more chemistry there in the tiny bits with him in this film than all the scenes in all the films (and books) with Ginny put together.

4) Watching Harry and Hermione. I don't consider myself a Harry/Hermione fan--I've never sought out the fic, and though I like Harry, I didn't particularly get a shippy vibe from the books--and certainly the last book seemed to put paid to that pairing, with Harry only caring about Ginny and Hermione about Ron when they're alone together in the Forest of Dean. Well, it's different with the films, isn't it? Or for me it is--because I could read sexual tension there--or at least far, far, far more chemistry between Harry and Hermione as "just friends" than Hermione and Ron or Harry and Ginny. (A friend tells me she saw it as completely platonic--but hell, I do like them together.)

5) I loved the scene in the ministry--whoever those actors were, somehow I felt a Harry, Hermione and Ron vibe with each of them. And I loved the whole dark atmosphere--very noir, very Nazi-like but not. Sorta a Magical 1984.

6) And being reminded by quietselkie below, the animation of "The Tale of the Three Brothers" from Beedle the Bard was made of win.

7) The Silver Doe. One word: awesome.

And Oh, I'm writing again. Sorta. Sorta as in I'll never post what I have. I just did this little experiment and it took off before I knew it, just spilling out. I don't think I've written a thing in over a year. Unfortunately I don't think it works--unfortunate because there are good lines in it I wish I could use--or recycle--but doubt they'll ever quite fit elsewhere.

And yes, it was Snape/Hermione. For some reason those two still live in my brain, even though I still have this too-stuffed feeling of revulsion at trying to read any more fic in it--and if anything were to break it down, it would have been all the raves from friends about Lariope's Killing Time--so obviously I still need time away. Although if Bluestocking does one of her SS/HG Christmas specials, that might break my resolve...


Dec. 2nd, 2010 01:42 am (UTC)
Hah! No pressure there, right? *g* But I am flattered, so thank you.

It's not outside the realm of possibility, but it's probably unlikely that I'll be able to put together an HP Christmas special this year. The summer did a number on me, and between one thing and another, I went nearly six months without writing anything at all. I've just started again, and I'm getting back into the swing of it--but it is for another fandom, because that's what came to me. I feel mildly guilty about that, but... well, I have no intentions of leaving HP, and there's room for more than one fandom in my heart. My HP muse will return eventually; I'm fairly certain of that.

I still have yet to see the movie, but I'm not steering clear of spoilers. I'm keen to know what people think. The consensus seems remarkably positive overall, although I've been very amused at a number of the reviews from critics that mention the plot dragging, or how boring the endless camping is. Clearly, they haven't read the book. *g* Seems to me we were saying just the same thing after reading DH. It's nice to know the weaknesses of pacing and structure weren't just in our minds, as disappointed fans. All the same, I'd bet money that the movie improved on the book's pacing, if only because it could hardly be worse...
Dec. 2nd, 2010 03:06 am (UTC)
It's been over a year of writer's block for me, so all I can say is, whatever fandom it is, if it's getting you to write, that's awesome--and even though I'm still at the "no, not one more" stage with SSHG fic, the part that loves it so much is glad you think you're not done with HP yet.

The consensus seems remarkably positive overall, although I've been very amused at a number of the reviews from critics that mention the plot dragging, or how boring the endless camping is. Clearly, they haven't read the book. *g*

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaa. No kidding. And yes, I do think the pacing is better in the film, if only because they found some truly stunning landscapes to place them in.