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Just Saw the Film!

By myself, because no one I live near is a Potter fan, so naturally that left me jonesing somewhat for the fandom I've abandoned. Somewhat... Anyway, I feel I have to share, so general impression on top, specifics under a cut for those who might consider such things spoilery.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 is an E-ticket, a wonderful ride, terribly entertaining and a must-see for a fan, even if it left me unmoved. I remember bawling at the end of Goblet of Fire and think Prisoner of Azkaban the best of the lot. This had no dull parts though--unlike the last book. And at least while I watched I didn't note the plot abysses I did when reading. It played out very logically--more than the book, and I didn't for the most part miss what they cut or changed.

(Watching Snape again did leave me wanting to read Snape/Hermione fanfic again, and ask for recommendations of what I've been missing. But I'm probably better off not going there...)

McGonagall Goodness, were I a Minerva fan, I'd be in heaven. She was wonderful, even if the "all Slytherins to the dungeon" line left me grumpy. But I have to forgive her just for her animating the armor for Hogwart's defense followed by "I've always wanted to do that spell." (And at least we were spared her telling Harry he's "gallant" for using the Cruciatus curse.)

Draco was played with more humanity than in the books--all the Malfoys came across well. I liked Harry acknowledging Draco could have identified Harry to Bellatrix but didn't. I liked Draco's hesitation in coming over to Voldemort's side until his parents asked him to come to them. And note--at that point it seems the Slytherins are out of the dungeons--in the film at least, it's notable there's no rush among them to run to Voldemort's side--even after he's "won." For that matter, despite McGonagall's call to lock them all up, no one other than Pansy among the Slytherins seemed quick to grab Harry, That, the way the Malfoys are played, Slughorn and Snape, there is a subtle redemptive arc for the Slytherins in all that.

Neville was wonderful--more a leader than Harry really. It was great seeing his moment with Nagini--even better is his moment confronting Voldemort. I like how we see a character played for comedy and sometimes pathos allowed to grow into a hero.

Luna I'm sorry Harry/Ginny fans, but I think on film and in the books, Harry and Luna (Hell, Harry and Hermione, even Harry and Cho) have far more chemistry together than Harry and Ginny. I loved Luna's insistence that Harry listen to her.

Snape I have mixed feelings about the "death" scene. I did like that the gore was restrained, but it neither moved nor horrified me. Maybe because I knew it was coming and was dreading seeing it and nothing could have matched my imagination. But you know, it didn't really occur to me in the book, but with the film, I had to wonder. Why in the world with all that had to be done did Harry go straight to the Pensieve--nothing Snape said conveyed any urgency to view the memories.

What did move me about Snape in the film? Well, sucks to be him. The book I think underlined it more, but even in the film you have to feel that other than Lily's death, this year as headmaster had to be the very worst in his life. Well, and the scenes in that Pensieve with Snape and Lily--they were the most heartbreaking in this film, and that's when I did come closest to getting choked up.

I even liked the Epilogue better in the film. If only for little Albus Severus, and how Radcliffe's Harry somehow conveyed in that little scene with him that he's made a wonderful father.

Oh, and the biggest laugh from the audience was when poor Filch tries to sweep away the rubble. The guy next to me said "He's going to need a bigger broom."
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