Fanfics Posted for Download Without Permission

A friend found some of her fanfics on a site, seemingly lifted from Archive of Our Own and offered for download, possibly for sale since you need a credit card. She alerted me she had found some of my fanfic there too. I sent them a note this morning, and the fics are already gone, but it occurred to me others might have had their fanfic hijacked too, so people might want to do a search of the site:
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Snape/Hermione Fan Fiction Recommendation

Title: Fire in the Belly
Author: djinn_fic (Djinn1)
Author's Website:
Length: 41,559 words (Complete)
Rating: T for Teen; equivalent of PG
Genres: Romance, Drama
Pairings: Snape/Hermione (with Ron/Hermione in the beginning, Harry and Hermione friendship, and Harry/Ginny as a secondary element)
Summary: For Hermione, having it all means managing it all. And what if, after all that, she finds she wants more? This is SSHG, but it takes a while to get there. A character study of Hermione—a layered and worthy heroine—and a chance for me to dip my toes in this fandom and poke at some things that both delighted and perturbed me. Post-DH

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Just Saw the Film!

By myself, because no one I live near is a Potter fan, so naturally that left me jonesing somewhat for the fandom I've abandoned. Somewhat... Anyway, I feel I have to share, so general impression on top, specifics under a cut for those who might consider such things spoilery.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 is an E-ticket, a wonderful ride, terribly entertaining and a must-see for a fan, even if it left me unmoved. I remember bawling at the end of Goblet of Fire and think Prisoner of Azkaban the best of the lot. This had no dull parts though--unlike the last book. And at least while I watched I didn't note the plot abysses I did when reading. It played out very logically--more than the book, and I didn't for the most part miss what they cut or changed.

(Watching Snape again did leave me wanting to read Snape/Hermione fanfic again, and ask for recommendations of what I've been missing. But I'm probably better off not going there...)

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Interested in Selling an Original Story Professionally?

Interested in getting a first professional sale (or snagging another)? Do you love animals--specifically cats and dogs? I have a friend seeking submissions for "an anthology of speculative stories about companion or service animals" with the profits going to an animal shelter. Newbies are more than welcome to submit, and I know I have quite a few very talented writers on my f-list so...

You can find all the details here. Submissions are open from May 1 to August 31, 2011, and they're looking for stories between 1,000 and 4,000 words.

(Knowing my friend btw, I know she likes well-crafted stories in at least a clean prose, even if not necessarily literary, style. So I suggest you leave the book-saidisms, the adverb abuse, head-hopping, excess italics and bold, initial caps and other writing gremlins behind if you want a shot...)

*waves* I know I've been an awful friend lately, and I just haven't had the time to check my live journal for ages. So feel free to stop in this post and let me know how you've been!
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Mansfield Park: A Tolerable Comfort

As some of you might know, silburygirl is a serious Austen scholar; she's doing a paper on Mansfield Park and urged me to reread it when I told her it was the one Austen novel I loathed and gave me instructions on what to look for. I did and posted a review on LibraryThing and Goodreads. Sil urged me to post the review on LJ, because she wants to see what reaction it might get (I suspect none, but what the hell, a lot of Harry Potter fans for some reason are Austen fans so who knows?) Anyway, she's eager to discuss the novel and curious about casual readers' reactions on it, so at her command, below is my review of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park in an attempt to spark discussion.

Incidentally, JK Rowling must be a fan of this novel. I had missed the Mrs Norris reference when I read the Harry Potter novels; there's no missing now on reread the mention of the children of the Bertram household learning "of the Roman emperors as low as Severus."

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In other fan(of) news, I got pushed into watching Battlestar Galactica and am now an avid fan, though I doubt it'll ever inspire fanfic from me. Not that anything does these days *sigh*

In terms of reading fanfic btw, I've never been interested in Austen fandom, or the many pastiches professionally written--because they just in my opinion can't come up to the originals, and I didn't in other novels feel this need for course correction. Well with Mansfield Park I do rather have that itch and wouldn't mind reading fiction based in it, whether amateur or professional. If I weren't so terrified of trying to hit anything like an Austenesque style, I might even have given writing a MP fanfic a try. Which does say something about how this novel frustrates me still--but also how it still has me thinking.
Hermione Duel

Just Saw The Harry Potter Film

And I loved it. Maybe my favorite along with the film adaptation of The Prisoner of Azkaban directed by Alfonso Cuarón--although the only one to make me cry was the film of Goblet of Fire--the reaction of Cedric's father when he finds out his son is dead did me in.

So, below some random reactions under a cut--just in case anyone would construe them as spoilers. Although we all know the plot by now, don't we? But the movieverse often does feel like an alternate universe, doesn't it?

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And Oh, I'm writing again. Sorta. Sorta as in I'll never post what I have. I just did this little experiment and it took off before I knew it, just spilling out. I don't think I've written a thing in over a year. Unfortunately I don't think it works--unfortunate because there are good lines in it I wish I could use--or recycle--but doubt they'll ever quite fit elsewhere.

And yes, it was Snape/Hermione. For some reason those two still live in my brain, even though I still have this too-stuffed feeling of revulsion at trying to read any more fic in it--and if anything were to break it down, it would have been all the raves from friends about Lariope's Killing Time--so obviously I still need time away. Although if Bluestocking does one of her SS/HG Christmas specials, that might break my resolve...
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Just In Time for Halloween....

I've been reading off this list from The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Ultimate Reading List. I just finished the The Horror list. Thirteen of the 44 below are vampire novels. Go figure... I'd tried at least half of these before--but then many of the below fit other genres from thrillers with no element of the supernatural (Jaws, Silence of the Lambs, Koko, Meg, Andromeda Strain, A Prayer for the Dying) or dark fantasy or urban fantasy such as works below by Kelly Armstrong, L.A. Banks, LK Hamilton, Charlene Harris, Kim Harrison, Tanya Huff and Carrie Vaughn.

Several below are classic literature such as Frankenstein, Dracula, "The Tell-Tale Heart," and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. And I'll admit Stephen King is actually a favorite author. Some horror classics, indeed, are missing. Where's Henry James Turn of the Screw or Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray? And among dark fantasy and urban fantasy writers not listed I've enjoyed books by Anne Bishop, Mercedes Lackey, Robin McKinley (her vampire book Sunshine is the anti-Twilight) and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro--but the post below does seem to cover most of the well-known authors. A friend also recommends as original takes on vampires Some of Your Blood by Theodore Sturgeon, Fevre Dream by George RR martin, I Am Legend by Richard Matheson and The Austra Books by Elaine Bergstrom.

John Farris' The Fury and Bentley Little's The Store, recommended on the list, aren't available in my neighborhood bookstores or through the library. I have three books on the list on hold at the library that haven't yet come in:
Caitlin R. Kiernan's Threshold, and Stewart O'Nan's A Prayer for the Dying. Another friend of mine recently read and raved about A Prayer for the Dying so I'm particularly eager to read that one.

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PC RIP - Thinking of Dipping Into Savings to Buy iMac


1) I'm told the PC Desktops which admittedly cost about a third as much are expected to last a quarter as much.

2) It's a beautiful machine and will take up far less of my desk space. Look, mom, no wires!

3) Also, look Mom, no viruses!

Anti? Well, will my old HP printer work with the Mac? And my fav video game isn't compatible. And there goes all my PC software.

You know, my Gateway was venerable. Eight years old before it completely died the black screen of death. It might have lived longer--if I hadn't had to continually clean out viruses and malware and adware that somehow got through firewalls and anti-virus.

Well, anyway, if I'm not in touch in the next several days--you know why,

Also, ultimate question. Can a PC old fart like me make the adjustment?
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The Literary List

I've been reading off this list from The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Ultimate Reading List and did posts on the The Romance List and the Fantasy List. I now just polished off the Literary Fiction List so thought I'd post on those.

Believe it or not, I consider myself a very middlebrow reader and tend to genre reading. I'd read only two books on this list before tackling it: Ayn Rand's We the Living and Pat Conroy's The Prince of Tides. (And I'd read other works by Oates, Proulx and Updike.) I wasn't expecting to like a lot on this list. My impression of "literary fiction" was that they tended to be tedious, pretentious, depressing, a slog to read and with unappealing characters. I was pleasantly surprised with how many below I did love, and I graded on a curve; it was hard to pick the 4 that most stood out to give five stars and you can assume if a book earned four stars I found it a great read (and even some three star novels impressed).

Oh, one thing. I don't know if it's the Oprah Book Club effect, but about a third of the novels below involve rape, half of those of children. Good God.

Oh, and my neighborhood Barnes and Noble, my home away from home, will be closing January 1, 2011. When I lined up for that midnight copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--that was there. It's the beginning of the apocalypse! *sobs*

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Ta Da! The Fantasy List!

I've been reading off this list from The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Ultimate Reading List and did a post on the Romance List--which is my least favorite genre. Now I just finished the list of my favorite genre, the Fantasy List. Naturally I'd read a lot more of these to begin with and I liked a lot more. I tried to rate the below on something of a curve--I did that with the last list too though it wound up skewed down. I gave up though. I love too many of the below to stint them, so the below are skewed way up.

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